If we want things to change we have to do things differently. Face our fears. Change our habits. Shift things around. We might find ourselves standing in a doorway, not sure where to go next. But at least we are there, and ready to go.

It’s like trying on a new hat or coat. We like the look of it, and slip it on one sleeve at a time. It might not be what we are used to wearing, and might feel strange. We might even look strange. But after a while it feels more comfortable, our new look. People make comments, our family and friends who know us best. Or do they? Some like it, and others don’t. Sometimes we pay attention to those who don’t like it, and take our hat off, or the coat that’s not our usual style. It felt a bit uncomfortable anyway, drew too much attention, too many sideways glances.

But sometimes we just refuse. We like our new hat, and love how the new coat makes us feel. After all, isn’t that what we’re after? The feel of it? Feeling fresh, new and different, we look at life a bit differently too. Just as life looks at us. Oh, she’s changed, what does she want now? More peace, more fun, more adventure, more freedom? All of that, and more.

When we change, we signal that things will be different from now on. We will do things we’ve never done and take chances we never took before. We will discover things we’ve never known, not just about the world but also about ourselves. Things we never knew we could feel or do, a life that we now see in a different way, just from doing things a bit differently.

Life is change after all. Nothing stays the same, even when we try to make it so. Sometimes change comes suddenly, and life kicks us hard, forcing us to change. If we are having a hard time this is a good thing. If we are lucky, we can let the waves of change crash and wash over us until they are no more. If we are having a good time however, we might lament that things are now different, and let the grief and loss that change brings stay with us. Or we can learn to accept it and move on, knowing that change will bring new winds, new experiences, a chance to change direction and to do things differently.

So put on the new hat, try on the new coat, it might just be what you’re looking for.

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